Our inaugural Opie's Beard Co. Beard & Moustache Championships took place on Saturday 21st May at Loddon Brewery as Part of their Beer & Beard Festival.

The event opened at 11am with guests arriving to check in and look around the brewery and also check out the charity raffle prizes. We were very lucky to have beards men from all over the country attend and compete at the event. 

We began up on stage at 12:40 with an introduction to the event and to introduce our judges for the day Bear Dy, Brenden Plester-Burt, Squeaky Steve and head judge Matt Wall. We than had a brief word from brewery owner Luke as well as a statement from Daisy's Dream the charity we were raising money for, Daisy's Dream are a local charity in Reading that help support children that have suffered bereavement in the family or have a family member with life threatening illness. Daisy's Dream support these children and help them to come to terms with what has happened and give positive support on how to move forward with their lives whilst acknowledging and talking through their issues.

The beers starting flowing as guests had arrived and received their clip on competitor numbers and checked out the awesome beard care products on our trade stand.


Our competitors made their way up onto the stage to have a brief chat with the event MC Jamie Cox (Owner and founder of Opie's Beard Co. and then turned to the judges to have their facial hair judged.

We had ten categories on the day which were

  • Styled Moustache

  • Kids Creative

  • Full Beard Under 4"

  • Ladies Creative

  • Ginger Beard

  • Full Beard Over 4" (4"-8")

  • Freestyle Beard

  • Partial Beard & Sideburns

  • Full Beard Over 8" (8"-12")

  • Full Beard Over 12"

Once all beards had been judges it was time to announce our 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners and invite them up on stage to except their trophies.

Our event winners were

Styled Moustache 

  1. Russell Bristow

  2. Mark East

  3. n/a

Kids Creative

  1. Florence Dabil

  2. George Dabil

  3. Eleanor Brook

Full Beard Under 4"

  1. Ryan Swanepoel

  2. Dave Hesketh

  3. Ollie Moore

Ladies Creative 

  1. Carla Perrin

  2. Sian Jones

  3. Caitlyn Parker

Ginger Beard

  1. David Thomas

  2. Mike Harwood

  3. Carl Sullivan

Full Beard Over 4"

  1. Bartosz Jancyzk

  2. Mike Harwood

  3. Dave Jobling

Freestyle Beard 

  1. Dan 'Silky' Brown

  2. Brendan 'Beardicorn' Johnson

  3. Liam Sandey

Partial Beard & Sideburns

  1. Michael Wallage

  2. Sam Walsh

  3. Joe 'Big Jud' Dabil

Full Beard Over 8"

  1. Vlad Murariu

  2. Damien 'Damo' Rees

  3. Richard Furness

Full Beard Over 12"

  1. David Thomas

  2. Adam Frearson

  3. Alex Holt

After we'd announced the winners our head judge Matt Wall drew our raffle and we let the winners grab a prize from our charity raffle table. 

After that we closed the show by giving our thanks to everyone involved including our wonderful audenience who created a fantastic atmosphere all day long.

Since the event ended we have added our total charity money together and we raised a fantastic £1746.47 for Daisy's Dream

Check out our image gallery from the event here