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New Patchy Beard (YouTube video)

Today we uploaded a new video to our Youtube series The Table.

The video is all about patchy beards and the things you can do if you have a patchy beard.

The first point we make is that a lot of YouTubers that cover the subject of patchy beards don't actually have patchy beards, They have these really full healthy massive beards that most of us would literally kill for.

I have suffered and still suffer from a patchy beard so I believe I'm more equipped to talk about this subject than most people although from some people may be angry with me for saying I have a patchy beard because they cant see it clearly believe me they are there as I go on to show later in the video.

I also talk about the fact that your beard hasn't reached its full growing potential until the age of around 35.

So if you are still in your 20's then your beard journey may still have a surprise for you yet.

Unfortunately the dreaded genes as with most things beardy play a role in how patchy your beard will be.

The most difficult thing about having a patchy beard is the first 3-4 months of growing your beard out because its at this stage that your patches become even more pronounced but I urge you to keep growing because eventually the hair will start to grow over the areas of patchiness and will become a lot less noticeable.

Check out the video below to see what I'm talking about

Apologies for the poor lighting in this video. It's the first video I've shot in the evening so I didn't notice exactly how poor the lighting really was until afterwards.

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